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Software Product Development

Starting as early as you have an idea for software product development solutions, we work with you to analyze, build, design, and release a final product to market. Our software product developers are focused on understanding your users’ needs, validating hypotheses quickly, reducing risks, and continually improving our processes to ensure highly efficient and fluid product development life cycle based on the Lean Startup methodology.

Software Development

Front-end Web Development

Back-end Web Development

Dynamic Mobile and Web Applications

E-Commerce Solutions

UI/UX Design

Quality Assurance

Frameworks and Tools we use


A JavaScript library for building user interfaces.


Also known as the microservice architecture - is an architectural style that structures an application as a collection of services.

Native iOS

iOS app development services including the full process, from product strategy to App Store submission.

Node JS

Node.js is an open source development platform for executing JavaScript code server-side. It is wrapped around the JavaScript language for building scalable, event-driven applications.

Native Android

Android app development services from initial ideation and product definition through to development and submission to Google Play.


A software solution stack that defines the properties and behaviors of web page content by implementing a markup based pattern to it.

SCSS – Sass

Sass is the most mature, stable, and powerful professional grade CSS extension language in the world.


A lightweight interpreted or just-in-time compiled programming language with first-class functions.


ASP.NET is an open source web framework, created by Microsoft, for building modern web apps and services with . NET. ASP.NET is cross platform and runs on Linux, Windows, macOS, and Docker.

Working with Smartbits

Fit any requirements, scales, and needs with the highest productivity

  1. Get the requirements

    At the initial stage, we request as much information as possible about your project. We need to know your main goals, requirements, scales, vision, and culture you usually promote and use in your daily routine. As much you can tell us, as better we can prepare for future stages. We may have couple iterations on this stage in order to be able to guarantee the best result.

  2. Provide skilled team

    As soon as we will get the full list of requirements and goals you have set up for your project, we will form a dedicated team that will fit your needs perfectly, and will be available to start working on your project as soon as possible.

  3. Sign the agreement

    After your personal approval of all proposed candidates, we will sign an agreement that will ensure and confirm our legal collaboration during a specific term or undetermined one when it's the case with all specified rights and duties for both sides.

  4. Plan

    At this stage the real work starts going. We will initiate a research process in order to determine all factors that can influence the result or may change the project's direction in some way, and we'll prepare a clear plan and understandable road-map that will be used for the goals achievement.

  5. Prototype

    By having a clear vision and good plan we can start prototyping the future project or the new part of an existing system to prove the concept. At this step, we try to consider all the aspects of new functionality and implement all the ideas we've got during previous steps in order to achieve the best result that will respect all the requirements and expectations.

  6. Develop

    By having an available prototype which corresponds to the initial goals and requirements, and considering all project's aspects and possible issues, our skilled development team starts its work on making your project real. At this step we consider all the existent business rules, tools and approaches that should be used to achieve the best result

  7. Test

    One of the most important thing in our process is quality level and the guarantee of the result. At this step we write missing unit, functional and acceptance tests to ensure that the developed functionality work as we expected. We fix and improve the development mistakes, and prepare the project for the final release.

  8. Deploy

    As soon as it's possible we release and deploy the new functionality to make it available for final clients. All processes are monitored and logged for the fastest reaction to unexpected behaviors. At this step the real project is available for use, and we can think about achieving the proposed goals.

  9. Support, improve and maintain

    At this step a big part of work is already done, but it's actually only the beginning of a long way forward. Each successful project requires daily support, improvement and maintaining, that should be done with the same dedication as the whole project. Clients requirements change day by day, and the project requires a continuous adaptation and value delivery, for it to remain competitive, affordable and valuable.

  10. Extend

    As soon as project grows up, usually the team must be extended in order to keep the same quality, and maintain the same productivity level in the context of a higher amount of work as a result of bigger ecosystem and amount of code. At this step we offer an easy option to extend the team without too much problem with more skilled developers that fit your own requirements.