Why Smartbits

We build long-term partnerships:

Dedicated Teams Full-time or part-time scalable teams and experts on demand

Transparency We are proud of our honesty and openness as we work

Account Manager A dedicated person that will be at your disposal at any time

Flexible Contract A simple contract with monthly billing

Our Mission

We offer solutions of complex problems, design and development of innovative digital solutions based on the best practices and the latest technology in the industry.

Deliver a high quality web design, mobile apps, pos systems and more

Software development consulting

Security audit of ICT services

Online reputation building

Social platform reputation and management

Our Approach

We help you understand the challenges and opportunities architecture offers, driving change through collaboration and using engagement approaches which scale and adapt to your business objectives.

Using a focussed architecture review, based on the appropriate industry standard techniques for your problems by answering questions like: “Can this system scale by an order of magnitude?”, “Is it fit to be used for new business areas?” or simply “How can I deliver value more efficiently?”, we cover the full scope of architecture requirements your business might have.

By taking ownership of the architecture story, we ensure the agile development of complex systems, as well as the effective delivery of meaningful architectural documentation.